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Google News and Blogs Search widget by

Google News and Blogs Search widget by is a code snippet that allows you to embed Google Search in your web pages. Our code uses the Google AJAX Search API.

How to use the widget?

  • Place the code above in the html body section of your web page in the place where you want the news to show up
  • Find the line 'var jgeLLCCustomSearchKeywords = "your keywords here";'
  • Replace the text "your keywords here" with your own search keywords and make sure you keep the left and right double qutotes characters
  • Please make sure the link giving credit to our web page is left intact
  • Let your visitors enjoy the news

Please make sure you comply with the Google AJAX Search API Terms Of Use.

Note: our widget will adjust its width to use the space available in its containing element.

A working example

The example below uses the phrase "real estate trends" as the keyword